Disruptive Telephone Call

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On occasion employees or those associated with the College may receive threatening or harassing telephone calls on their campus phones. These calls may form a pattern, therefore it is important to make note of certain information; an effort should be made on the part of the receiver to remain as calm and professional as possible. Attempt to get someone else's attention without alerting the caller. Have them notify the police and the College Administration. Keep the caller on the line as long as possible with non-threatening communications. Employees receiving threatening or harassing telephone calls should fill out the following form:

Disruptive Telephone Call Form.docx
Disruptive Telephone Call Form.pdf)

After a threat has been received, do not disconnect the line, either by hanging up or putting the line on hold. Quickly take measures to ensure no one else disturbs the phone. Go to a different phone and call the police and College Administration if they have not yet been contacted.