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General Information Table of Contents

STC Eagles ...have ATTITUDES that allow them to soar to the top of their fields... ...are distinguished EXAMPLES in their professions, communities and personal lives... sustain exceptional SKILLS to persevere and flourish. … are ADAPTABLE to diverse locations and environments.

Greetings and welcome to State Technical College of Missouri. Since its founding in 1961 as part of a local school district and its transfer to the State of Missouri in 1996, over 10,000 individuals have graduated from the college. The college's primary mission is to "prepare students for profitable employment and a life of learning." State Technical College of Missouri has strong relationships with business and industry and prides itself on its reputation for producing graduates with the skills, knowledge, and attitudes needed for advancement in the workplace. The values and institutional goal statements included in the mission package of State Technical College of Missouri reflect a strong commitment to serving our students and the economic interests of the State of Missouri. Understood in these values and goals are the concepts of student access, cost effectiveness, quality and responsiveness to industry which clearly shapes the planning and delivery of our college services and programs.

State Technical College of Missouri is a small, Midwestern caring community dedicated to the development of the potential of each student. Class sizes are purposely kept small to encourage adequate individual attention and faculty-student interaction. The student body consists of traditional students who recently graduated from high school as well as working adults making a career shift or enhancing technical skills. While the majority of students are from Missouri, increasing numbers are from other states and countries.

We are proud to be the only publicly-supported higher education institution in Missouri with a statewide charge to be devoted solely to technical education at the associate degree level. We invite you to become a member of the State Technical College of Missouri family.

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