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approved by Board of Regents 01/16/2015

Board of Regents Members

Board of Regents Policies Table of Contents

Since the State Technical College of Missouri Board of Regents is a body politic of the State, and its powers have been delegated to it by the legislature of the State, every act of the Board of Regents must be in strict conformity to the statutes, court decisions, and the constitutions of the State and Federal government.

The Board of Regents is charged by the State with the prime responsibility for administering State Technical College of Missouri. Individual members have power and authority only when acting formally as members of the Board of Regents in session or when entrusted by the Board of Regents with definite responsibilities.

Board Policies. From time to time, the Board of Regents will adopt policies governing the administration and operation of the College. Said policies shall become effective when duly passed by the Board, unless the effective date is designated therein. The Board Secretary will publish all the policies adopted by the Board, which shall be made available to the public, employees, and students.

Final authority for establishing policies contained herein lies with the Board of Regents. Policies contained herein are applicable to the Board of Regents and to all employees and students of the College. No changes shall be made except those adopted by the Board of Regents. These policies may be amended by the Board of Regents at any time.