Welcome & Formula for Success

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Welcome: We are honored you are here.

Mission: The mission of State Technical College of Missouri is to prepare students for profitable employment and a life of learning.

Goal: Our goal is to see you complete your program and become profitably employed.

Formula for Success:


1. Benefit of top notch instructors.

2. A lot of money is being spent on you.

3. Demonstrate job market readiness.


1. Take every opportunity to learn.

2. Go above and beyond what is expected.

3. Demonstrate a strong work ethic.

HANDLE your PROBLEMS yourself as an adult

1. Avoid problems.

2. Demonstrate maturity.

3. Be responsible.

State Tech EAGLES…

…have ATTITUDES that allow them to soar to the top of their fields.

…are distinguished EXAMPLES in their professions, communities and personal lives.

…sustain exceptional SKILLS to persevere and flourish.

…are ADAPTABLE to diverse locations and environments.