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General Information

The College will pay or reimburse reasonable and necessary expenses incurred for authorized College travel when essential to the transaction of College business. Travel expenditures such as meals, lodging, or airfare do not require a purchase order, however the original receipts are required for reimbursement. Expenses paid by the employee are reimbursable after the trip via a Personal Expense Report. Where appropriate, expenses may be paid directly to the vendor in advance or after the trip via an expense report. Faculty traveling to MOACTE will normally receive a maximum of $200 reimbursement for expenses incurred. Exceptions will be made for individuals presenting at the conference or as approved by the Dean of Instruction. MOACTE expense reports will be processed after the personnel office receives the original conference attendance certificate.

Expense reports are to reimburse for travel expenditures only using the Personal Expense Report.xlsx (or Personal Expense Report.pdf. Expense reports will be processed the second week of each month. Employees are to turn in only one expense report per month.


Employees, with the approval of their supervisor, may select the method of transportation that best meets the needs of the College and the employee. To reserve a College owned vehicle, please contact the Cashier.

Airfare - Employees are encouraged to acquire tickets through a travel agency by acquiring a purchase order (see section on purchasing).

Personal Vehicle - Personal vehicles may be used for travel on official College business.

Rate of Reimbursement - The maximum reimbursement rate for use of personal vehicles on official College business is 33 cents per mile.


Employees may select the place and type of lodging that best meet the needs of the College and the employee. Reasonable and necessary amounts are allowed for lodging.

Employees who purchase goods and services from Missouri hotels and/or motels solely for College may request that Missouri and local taxes not be added to their bill. At the time of check-in, the employee should present to the hotel/motel management:

  • A copy of the Tax Exempt Certificate.
  • Their College identification card.
  • Where practical, employees may arrange direct billing of lodging expenses. The request must include the College’s tax ID number in order to exempt the College from any sales taxes.
  • A receipted, itemized statement furnished by the hotel or motel and proof of payment are required for all lodging expenses. Summary statements provided by credit card companies will not be accepted as justification for reimbursement.


Reasonable and necessary meal expenses incurred during authorized College travel are reimbursable via a Personal Expense Report. Itemized receipts for all meals purchased must accompany the Personal Expense Report. All itemized receipts must be attached or reimbursement will not be made. Credit card summary receipts and copies of credit card statements are not acceptable.

Missing Detailed Receipt Form (meals).docx
Missing Detailed Receipt Form (meals).pdf


Registration fees may be paid to the vendor in advance from College funds.

  • Submit a Requisition form approved by the supervisor of the registrant. Attach a copy of the registration application.
  • If the College is to mail the check, the original registration application must accompany the voucher.

NOTE: Registration fees paid by employees may be claimed for reimbursement with a receipt and after the event on a Personal Expense Form.


All requests for reimbursement of travel expenses must be made on a Personal Expense Report.xlsx (or Personal Expense Report.pdf. *The Expense Voucher must be signed by the employee and approved by the administrative official responsible for the funds from which the expenses are being paid. In no case should employees approve their own form.

  • Itemized receipts are required to be attached to the Expense Voucher for all expenditures in which reimbursement is being sought.
  • Expense Vouchers should be used only for items such as meals, hotel, airfare, lodging, and mileage.

Reimbursements are processed on a monthly basis. Checks are issued the second full week.

See Article Employee Travel and Reimbursement.