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Linn Campus

Students submit a vehicle registration form to the Receptionist in the Information Technology Center (ITC) in order to receive a parking permit sticker. Employees receive their permit sticker from Human Resources. The permit sticker shall be displayed on the vehicle’s windshield at the lower right corner of the passenger side.

Any change in the vehicle or license plate number shall be reported. If a different vehicle is driven for a temporary period or more than one vehicle is driven, all vehicles must be registered and display a permit sticker. There will be a charge to students for replacement stickers.

The speed limit on campus is 15 mph and drivers shall exercise extreme caution. If speed limits are abused, driving privileges on campus may be revoked and a fine may be issued. Pedestrians have the right-of-way when crossing the campus drive; all drivers shall stop to let pedestrians cross the road.

Parking is restricted to the designated parking areas. Special arrangements for handicapped and temporary parking can be made. Any vehicle parked in unauthorized areas or without displayed parking permits will be subject to a minimum $25.00 fine. Double fines may be assessed for failure to heed warnings. Repeat offenders may be subject to the towing of the vehicle at the owner’s expense. Employees can purchase a reserved parking space for a yearly fee by contacting Human Resources.

Parking fines will be posted to the student’s or employee's account. Payment for parking tickets shall be made at the Cashier’s office in the Nilges Technology Center. If left unpaid, a hold will be placed on the offender's account until the amount of the ticket(s) is paid. To dispute a parking ticket, the offender shall complete a Financial Appeals Petition.

Student Financial Appeal Procedures and Petition.pdf

Parking Areas

  • In the white lined spaces of any of the paved parking lots
  • Behind the Nilges Technology Center (NTC)
  • The lot east of the Commercial Turf & Grounds Management Building (CTG)
  • The lot west of the Heavy Equipment Operations Building (HEO)
  • The lot east of the Activity Center (AC)
  • The lot east of the Information Technology Center (ITC)
  • The lot east of the Vehicle and Power Center (VPC)
  • The gravel lot south of the Multi-Purpose Building (MPB)

Front and rear bumpers must be on the parking lot side of the curb to allow for proper lawn and snow maintenance.

No Parking Areas

  • In the yellow lined spaces of any of the paved parking lots
  • In the visitor parking lots between the Automotive Technology Building and the Commercial Turf & Grounds Management Building (CTG). This is reserved for visitors only. Vehicles being serviced by the Automotive Technology Department may be parked in this lot if properly designated as such.
  • In the visitor and reserved lot south of the Information Technology Center (ITC)
  • In the front row at the Activity Center between 5 a.m. and 3 p.m.
  • In the Osage County Community Center lot
  • In student housing lots if not a housing resident
  • In any loading areas
  • In the gravel lot between the Activity Center and Engineering Technology Wing (ETW)
  • In any grass areas

Health Sciences Center

Dental Assisting Technology, Medical Radiologic Technology, and Practical Nursing Technology students will receive a State Tech parking sticker, will need to display it properly, and park in the lots west of the Health Sciences Center.

Mexico Campus

Nuclear Technology students will receive parking information at New Student Registration.