Tobacco Use Regulation

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Smoking and the use of smokeless tobacco, e-cigarettes, and other smoking devices are not permitted inside any building or vehicle owned, leased, and/or operated by the College. Those seeking assistance with smoking cessation should visit Counseling Services.

Linn Campus

Every building on the College’s Linn campus has an exterior designated tobacco use area. College employees and students are expected to use these areas when smoking tobacco products or using smokeless tobacco. Tobacco waste (e.g. cigarette butts and spit cups) shall be disposed of properly within these areas, and not discarded on floors, sidewalks, parking lots, or grassy areas. This requirement is being implemented in lieu of a total tobacco ban on campus.

Listed below are the designated tobacco use areas:

  • Activity Center - north side
  • Engineering Technology Wing - west entrance
  • Information Technology Center - northeast corner, bottom of stairs
  • Vehicle and Power Center - inside the “V” outside Automotive Technology shop door
  • Commercial Turf & Grounds Building - north exit
  • Nilges Technology Center - southwest corner near maintenance building & northeast corner area
  • Multi-Purpose Building - outside east rear exit door
  • Heavy Equipment Operations Building - southeast corner
  • McDonnell-Douglas Green Aviation Building - northeast corner
  • Housing - corner of each cottage

See the following map:

Smoking Areas.pdf

Jefferson City Campus

  • Physical Therapist Assistant Program Building - northeast side of building
  • Nichols Career Center - no smoking allowed anywhere on campus

Mexico Campus

  • The Advanced Technology Center is a smoke-free campus; there are no designated areas to smoke.

Poplar Bluff Campus

  • Three Rivers College is a tobacco-free facility.

Trenton Campus

  • North Central Missouri College is a tobacco-free facility.