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A work hour is any hour of the day that is worked and should be recorded to the nearest quarter of an hour. The workday is defined as the 24-hour period starting at 12:00 a.m. and ending at 11:59 p.m. The workweek covers seven consecutive days beginning on Sunday and ending on Saturday. The usual workweek period is 40 hours.

Overtime is defined as hours worked by an hourly or nonexempt employee in excess of 40 hours in a workweek and should be recorded to the nearest quarter of an hour. Overtime must be approved in advance by the supervisor to whom the employee reports.

Each hourly or nonexempt employee is to maintain an accurate daily record of his or her hours. All absences from work schedules should be appropriately recorded. The time record shall be approved by the employee’s supervisor and submitted monthly. Monthly time logs are due to Human Resources the first day of the month; hourly time cards are due to Human Resources per the hourly pay schedule.

  • Salaried professional employees work at least 40 hours per week in order to accomplish job responsibilities. Additional hours may be required to complete necessary duties and responsibilities.
  • Administrative staff are expected to work at least forty (40) hours per week.
  • Full-time faculty members are expected to be on premises available to students at least thirty-five (35) hours per week. Exceptions may be made where work away from the campus is in the best interest of the College.
  • Secretarial/clerical staff will be expected to work forty (40) hours per week.
  • Maintenance worker's assignments and schedules will be established by the appropriate supervisor. Regular duty hours for full-time employees are defined as forty (40) hours per week.

Below are examples of time sheets. For current time sheets go to EagleOnline.

January 2015 Monthly Time Log and Leave Reporting Form.xlsx
January 2015 Monthly Time Log and Leave Reporting Form.pdf

Student Worker Time Sheet.docx
Student Worker Time Sheet.pdf