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Textbooks and other instructional materials are important in achieving the objectives set forth in the courses of study. The following guidelines shall be followed.

Instructors are expected to select any textbooks required for the courses that they teach. They are encouraged to use a selection committee, or other method of obtaining input from students, instructors, administrators, and members of the appropriate advisory committee to assist them in making a wise selection.

The Bookstore has a file of catalogs from major publishing companies. The Bookstore will order any textbooks required for a class, provided the instructor of the class places an order with the Bookstore sufficiently far enough in advance of the date the class first meets.

Important considerations in selecting textbooks are:

  • The reading level of material in the textbook (10 – 12 grade is generally appropriate for postsecondary technical college purposes.)
  • Accuracy of information
  • Date of last publication (Generally, it is expected that the textbook will have been published within the past three years.)
  • Versatility of the material
  • Cost
  • Whether or not the material is competency-based.

No faculty member shall sell any instructional material to students without prior approval of the Dean of Academic and Student Affairs.