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Each employee is provided with a code to input when making long distance calls from the College land line phones which allows for tracking of usage. These numbers are provided by Information Technology. This phone code is unique to each individual and should not be shared with anyone.

Linn Campus Telephone Use

  • An internal incoming call will be signaled with a single ring, and an outside incoming call will be signaled with a double ring. Hint: When answering the telephone, identify yourself and your department. Always answer with a smile on your face - if you are smiling, it will be heard in your voice.
  • Dial 2 to obtain an outside line; local calls can then be placed directly. For a long distance call, dial 2 to obtain an outside line, then dial 1 + area code + number. After the tone enter the long distance phone code; the call will be connected.
  • For calls to other Linn campus phones only the extension (last four numbers) need to be dialed.
  • 911 may be dialed directly without accessing an outside line.
  • Voice mail may be retrieved remotely by dialing your phone number. When your message comes on, press the star key. From this point you will enter your passcode and be able to listen to your messages. Also review the following instructions:
Accessing Email and Voice Mail from Home.docx
Accessing Email and Voice Mail from Home.pdf

  • Note that any telephone call made from a Linn campus land line will appear to the recipient as being made from 897-9963 regardless of which phone was used to make the call. If the recipient uses the redial function to return the call, it will be routed through the telephone service provider's trunk line, which will result in an endless busy signal to the caller.
  • If you are going to be unavailable, such as during winter or spring break, please change your voice mail greeting accordingly.
Changing Your Voice Mail Primary Greeting Instructions.docx
Changing Your Voice Mail Primary Greeting Instructions.pdf