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The College receives Perkins funding for technical tutors to help other students learn technical skills that they are having difficulty grasping. Perkins-funded technical tutors can only assist with training other students to perform tasks that are required on-the-job and included in your curriculum. They cannot perform lab assistant duties and be paid from Perkins funds.

As soon as a need is identified, please send the Dean of Instruction a brief e-mail requesting to hire a technical tutor. Include who the tutor will be, why he/she was selected, and any specifics that are available about whom they will assist with tutoring in what subjects.

Each program may employ a technical tutor for up to 10 hours per week using Perkins grant funding. You may also split the 10 hours per week between more than one technical tutor, but you would need to manage their schedules so that they work no more than a combined total of 10 hours per week using Perkins funding. You can use department funding for additional technical tutor hours if it’s necessary to employ your technical tutor(s) more than 10 hours per week.

Once Academic Affairs has approved the technical tutor request, contact Human Resources to initiate employment paperwork before the tutor can start work.

If other students are needed to help with other tasks, check with the Financial Aid Office to see if any qualified students are eligible for work study funding or contact Academic Affairs to discuss paying them using funds from your department budget.