Student Immunization Policy

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Student Immunization Policy

State Technical College of Missouri values the health and well-being of all individuals and groups who are members of the collective entity known as State Technical College of Missouri. State Technical College of Missouri follows the guidelines adopted by the American College Health Association. The implementation of this policy will be carried out in compliance with all applicable requirements of law. Application for exceptions may be made to the President of the College.

Entering students are encouraged to make certain that they have had a recommended second dose of measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine. The State of Missouri may provide these vaccinations without charge to college freshmen through local health departments subject to local regulations. In addition, residential students in on-campus housing and foreign students are to present results of a tuberculosis test if any of the following apply:

Check any that apply: Have you ever: ______Lived for more than 2 months in Asia, Africa, Central or South America or Eastern Europe. Were you born in one of these continents?

______Been a health care worker.

______Volunteered or worked in a nursing home, prison or other residential institution.

______Had contact with a person known to have Tuberculosis.

  • If none of the above applies, please check here: _____

A. If any of the above do apply, TB screening is required. Testing need/method will be determined by risk factors & may include students other than listed above. If you fall in a high risk category or have questions regarding need for TB testing please call the Prevention Desk at 573-882-7747 or 573-882-4661.


B. Provide documentation of TB screening. (Mantoux skin test documented in millimeters of induration) done with the U.W. within the past 12 months or prior QuantiFeron gold TB results


C. Provide documentation of prior treatment for active TB disease or latent TB infection.

  • SB686 requires students living in on-campus housing to have a meningitis vaccination or a written physician’s exemption on file.

The College does not have an on-campus health facility.