Student Evaluation of Instruction

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The following instructions are sent to all students in all classes:

Within your Moodle course, at the right of the course outline, you will see a Feedback box which contains the link “Student Evaluation of Instruction/Senate Bill 389-Spring 2013-2014 2nd 8/16 Weeks” survey. This survey is now open and will close at midnight on (date). Please click on that link at your convenience and begin the survey.

This survey has been designed to give you, the student, an opportunity to express -- anonymously -- your opinions of this course and the manner in which it has been taught. Your honest perceptions are appreciated. Please keep in mind that your responses should reflect your individual perceptions, and not those of the class as a whole. The Department Chair and the Dean of Academic Affairs will also have the opportunity to review the results after the semester has ended.

Please read each statement carefully. Fill in 5 if you strongly agree with the statement, 4 if you agree, 3 if you neither agree nor disagree, 2 if you disagree and 1 if you strongly disagree.

Written comments are particularly important. Please take time to write any comments you may have. Any remarks that include profanity, or language that is deemed inappropriate, will not be taken seriously."

Instructors are asked to encourage their students to complete the survey.

Each instructor's Consumer Information Faculty Rating is posted on the College website as required by Senate Bill 389. This score represents the faculty member's most recent aggregate rating for all courses taught, not to exceed three (3) years on the following survey questions:

  • Does the instructor present the material in a clear and understandable manner?
  • Was the instructor helpful and responsive to students?
  • Did your knowledge in the instructor’s course increase significantly?
  • Do you feel the instructor created a positive learning environment?
  • Would you recommend this instructor to another student?