Student Computer and Internet Acceptable Use Procedure

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User Responsibility

1. Only currently enrolled students with good standing can be authorized users of the College computer and network resources.

2. All users understand that the use of the Internet requires responsibility on their part.

3. All computers and associated network resources provided by the college are state resources and hence require users to be good stewards of these resources.

4. Damage, security, and use of your computer hardware, software, and accounts while utilizing the College’s computer and networking resources and services remain the users’ responsibility. Students will accept full responsibility for their equipment, accounts, and activity performed while utilizing the College’s computing resources and services.

5. All computer users understand that assignments, correspondences, or other information should be saved on an individual’s data storage device to insure that work is saved rather than saving such information on the College’s computers.

6. All computer users understand that downloading programs and information to the College’s computers from the Internet is not permitted without the permission of a College employee.

7. Connecting networked devices (other than computers) into the College’s network is prohibited.

8. All computer users understand that the use of any form of tobacco is not allowed in the computer lab and food and that drinks are not allowed around the computer terminal.

9. All users of the computer and networking resources realize the importance of online safety by adhering to the following:

a. Be selective in giving out personal information such as your address or telephone number,
b. Never send pictures that are personally identifiable,
c. Always use up-to-date anti-virus and firewalls.

Acceptable Use

1. Acceptable use includes the following:

a. Instructional use in classes, research, administrative support, electronic mail, and resume´ or vita posting.
b. Use for, or in support of, research, education, local, state, or national government affairs, economic development, or public service.
c. Use that is compliant with federal and state law.

Unacceptable Use

1. The following violations may lead to sanctions (see below):

a. Accessing or participating in activities that contain obscene or otherwise inappropriate materials
b. Tampering with computer equipment, computer users, or computer data
c. Plagiarizing or violating copyright restrictions
d. Violating any federal or state law
e. Invading the privacy of individuals or organizational groups
f. Harming or harassing others
g. Accessing protected and private network resources without authorization
h. Using the Internet for commercial activities, including, but not limited to, commercial solicitation of business
i. Hosting a website, file sharing activities, and hosting FTP sites
j. Accessing the Internet utilizing a school account without permission from the appropriate school personnel
k. Disrupting normal network use and service including the propagation of computer viruses
l. Inappropriate use of social networking sites

Possible Sanctions for Misuse

1. Technology Services monitors the use of all computer and network systems and will disconnect anyone who appears to be violating this agreement.

2. Upon detection of an alleged violation, Technology Services will disable the account and turn all pertinent information over to the appropriate instructor or Director or Associate Dean of Student Affairs.

3. Penalties for violation of this agreement range from the loss of computer resources to dismissal from the College, prosecution, and/or civil action.