Sample Student Data Sheet (Student Schedule) Explanation

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1. Major and Degree

  • The major and degree listed here are what State Technical College has listed in our student database for you. If either is incorrect, or if you want to change either of them, please work with your academic advisor to implement the change.

2. Advisor and Counselor

  • The advisor listed is your academic advisor and is probably the department chair of your program or one of the instructors in your program. He/she will assist you with any questions or issues you have but primarily focuses on academic issues such as enrolling in future classes, answering your questions about your classes, etc.
  • The counselor listed is the college counselor assigned to you to assist with issues such as referrals for low grades and/or class attendance, academic probation, stress management, time management, etc.

3. Credit Hours

  • The “Att Hrs” is the number of credit hours in which you are enrolled this semester.
  • Twelve (12) credit hours are required for a student to be classified as full-time.

4. Reading your Schedule Information

  • Every class will have at least two lines of information on the schedule.
  • The “Crs” column lists the course numbers of the classes in which you are enrolled this semester.
  • “Sec” indicates the section number of the class.
  • “S” stands for your status in the class. If you withdraw from the class, the “R” which stands for registered will change to a “W” for withdrawn.
  • “Hrs” stands for the number of credit hours the class is worth.
  • “Title” is the text name of the class. This section also lists any notes about the section in which you’re enrolled, such as whether it’s reserved for students in a specific major, if it’s an online class, etc.
  • “Days” indicate the days of the week the class meets. Note: R stands for Thursday.
  • “Bld” is the building code where the class is located.
  • “Rm” is the room number in the building where the class is located.
  • “Times” are the beginning and ending times of the class.
  • “Instructor” is the name of the instructor, or instructors, of the class. Do not panic if STAFF is listed as the instructor. Many instructors do not receive their assignments until right before the semester starts.
  • “Dates” are the beginning and ending dates of the class. Note: Some classes run the entire 16 weeks of the semester; some run only the first eight weeks of the semester; some run only the second eight weeks of the semester, and some run other miscellaneous lengths. Pay specific attention to the beginning and ending dates of your classes!

5. Acceptance of Charges and Signature

  • By signing your Student Schedule and submitting it to State Tech, you indicate you accept responsibility for paying for the charges associated with the classes on this form.