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It is the responsibility of all employees to conduct all tasks in a safe and efficient manner complying with all local, state, and federal safety and health regulations and program standards, and with any special safety concerns for use in a particular area.

Although most safety regulations are consistent throughout each department and program, all employees have the responsibility to identify and familiarize themselves with the emergency plan for their working area. Each facility will have posted an emergency plan detailing procedures in handling emergencies such as fire, weather-related events, and medical crises.

Furthermore, the College requires that every person in the organization assumes the responsibility of individual and organizational safety. Failure to follow College safety and health guidelines or engaging in conduct that places the employee, student, or College property at risk can lead to employee disciplinary action and/or termination.

Safety hazards found during safety inspections, found as a result of an accident, or identified in any other manner are to be reported to the Director of Facilities immediately. All hazards identified must be eliminated immediately to avoid liability for accidents that could occur due to the hazardous condition. The corrective action required should be documented at the time the hazard report is filed. The Director of Facilities is to be notified immediately when the planned corrective action has been completed.