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Use of Terms:

Minimize the use of "State Technical College of Missouri", or "STC". Use the term "the College".

  • became
  • MyLSTC became EagleOnline
  • MyMoodle became Eagle LMS

Minimize the use of "faculty and staff". Use the term "employees".

Minimize the use of “he/she”, “he and she” and “she or he”. Instead use "the student" or "the employee", etc. Sometimes it is easier to say "employees...they" rather than "the employee...he/she".

Shall and Will indicate a required, mandatory, or specifically prohibitive practice. Should indicates a recommended, but not mandatory, practice in typical situations. May indicates a permitted practice and carries no requirement or recommendation. Typically, the student or employee "shall", and the College "will".

Use two spaces between sentences.

Use two spaces between paragraphs.

Use commas, commas, and commas. Not commas, commas and commas.

Be consistent with how "offices" are referenced: i.e. Human Resources (not Human Resource Department or Office of Human Resources or ________)

Where a specific title or group of titles are referenced (and subject to change), define them under the Employee Manual. See Articles College Administration or Director of Administrative Services for examples.