Regularly Scheduled Leave

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The College calendar is approved annually by the Board of Regents and can be found on EagleOnline or in Human Resources. See Article Academic Calendar.

Regularly scheduled leave is planned as follows:

New Year's Day (1 day)

Martin Luther King Day (1 day)

President’s Day (1 day)

Free Day (2 days)

Spring Break (Varies - see approved College calendar)

Memorial Day (1 day)

Independence Day (1 day)

Labor Day (1 day)

Thanksgiving (2 days)

Winter Break (Varies - see approved College calendar)

Twelve-month employees will be allowed the above regularly scheduled leave as designated by the College calendar when College is in session. Exceptions to the above are as follows:

  • Twelve-month employees (except faculty) are required to work one day during winter break and one day during spring break with the exception of the maintenance staff.
  • Maintenance staff work during winter break and spring break but otherwise adhere to the regularly scheduled leave listed above.
  • Activity Center staff will work as scheduled to maintain business hours.

When a holiday is on a regularly scheduled leave day the employee works, the employee will be credited for a normal day’s pay.

See Article Leave Forms.