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The reason that the Moodle student referral system doesn’t make automatic referrals, but simply flags students for instructors to consider referring, is so that instructors can use their judgment about whether a referral would be beneficial and appropriate in each specific situation. Please reference the Student Referral Procedure.

Student Referral Procedure 2014.pdf

STC Assistance Pyramid. Our Assistance Pyramid promotes a collective responsibility for student learning, creating a consistent system and procedures to promote student progress and provides systematic support with increasing levels of support.

STC Assistance Pyramid.jpg

Tier I - “Teacher Watch”

  • Teachers focus on curriculum as well as the instructional delivery approach and AJA behavioral expectations.
  • Teachers initiate classroom intervention strategies to assist students who struggle and demonstrate difficulties meeting academic and/or behavioral expectations.

Tier II - “Referral Process”

  • Teachers identify and refer students who meet the following criteria. Teacher notes his/her actions on referral under comments.
    • (Pop-ups) The program is designed to identify students with grade and attendance issues; however it is the Instructors decision to refer a student.

After a student is referred, the following have access to that student’s information:

  • Holds – All instructors, Counselors, Intervention Team via the Moodle View Holds screen
  • AJA – Chairs, Lead Instructors, Advisors, Counselors, Intervention Team via the Moodle View Schedule screen

Tier III - “Actions” Note: All action may be viewed on EagleLMS/MyMoodle.

Counselor Expectations:

  • Meet with the student.
  • Identify issues and if appropriate assist student in developing a plan for success.
  • Refer student to the ARC.
  • Refer to Community Services.
  • Contact parents/guardians.
  • Note actions in MyMoodle.
  • Flag student for monitoring.

Chair-Advisor-Resident Manager Expectations:

  • Open and read referral.
  • Discuss specifics of referral with student.
  • Advise student of options.
  • Note actions in EagleLMS/MyMoodle. (located in the checkbox)

Tier IV - “Outside Assistance”

  • Counselors may refer students to community resources.