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approved by Board of Regents 01/16/2015

Parliamentary Rules. The meetings of the Board of Regents shall be conducted in accordance with commonly accepted practice of parliamentary procedure.

Quorum and Majority. A quorum shall be a majority of the voting members serving on the Board; voting may either be in person or by teleconferencing. Any action of the Board of Regents may be taken by the majority vote of the members present at any meeting of the Board when a quorum is present.

Order of Business. The order of business shall be the following:

1. Preliminaries of the meeting:

a. Call to order
b. Roll call
c. Establishment of a quorum

2. Approval of minutes of preceding meetings:

a. Reading of the minutes
b. Correcting the minutes
c. Approving of the minutes

3. Reports of the College President:

a. Unfinished business
b. New business

4. Miscellaneous

5. Adjournment

Minutes of the Board of Regents. Whereas it is recognized that a board speaks through its minutes, the minutes shall be accurate, complete, and meet all legal requirements. The minutes shall be taken by the Board Secretary or someone appointed by the Board President. Prior to the next regular Board meeting, the Board Secretary shall distribute to each Board member a copy of the minutes of the preceding meeting.