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At the beginning of each academic year is Power UP-New Student Orientation and Week of Welcome (W.O.W.). A sample Power UP agenda and W.O.W. schedule of events are below and can also be typically found by visiting EagleOnline, https://eagleonline.statetechmo.edu/ICS/Home.jnz?portlet=2015_Power_UP_and_Week_of_Welcome.

Power UP

  • Power UP is held the day before August classes begin.
  • The suggested dress code for the day includes a State Tech t-shirt, dress shorts, comfortable shoes, and a name badge if you have one.
  • All employees are invited to attend the FREE Campus Lunch & State Tech Market Place on Power UP.

Week of Welcome (W.O.W)

  • Week of Welcome (W.O.W.) activities are scheduled during the first week of classes in the fall.
  • Please encourage all students to attend as many activities as possible. These activities provide students a great opportunity to become more involved with State Tech.

Information Helpdesks

  • To better serve our students, general information helpdesks are typically provided on Power UP day and the first day of classes.
  • Volunteers are in demand to staff these locations. Resources will be provided to help you answer student questions.

Student Meetings in the Academic Departments

  • Below are sample agendas to use for student department meetings. These agendas include the basics of what to cover with your students. You can customize them to meet your department's specific needs.
  • New student meetings are held during Power UP; returning student meetings are typically held on the first or second day of classes in the fall semester.
2015 Department New Student Orientation.docx
2015 Department New Student Orientation.pdf

2015 Department Returning Student Meeting.docx
2015 Department Returning Student Meeting.pdf

Thank you for making our new students feel welcomed and a member of the State Tech family.

2015_Power_ UP_Assignments_by_Last_Name_as_of_2015-08-11.pdf
2015 WOW Agenda.pdf