Payment of Wages

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Salary payment is made monthly for base salary due up to the pay date. Paydays are usually the 25th of every month or the last working day preceding the 25th of the month. No salary advances will be made. Overtime payment, which is included with the nonexempt employee's base salary payment, is also paid with the regular paycheck with such payment covering hours worked in the prior month. Adjunct instructors are paid September-December during the fall semester, and February-May during the spring semester.

Employees will be paid through direct deposit of funds to either a savings or checking account at the financial institution of their choice. Direct deposit is mandatory for full-time employees; it is optional for part-time or adjunct employees. Employees should submit the following form and either a deposit slip or a voided check for that account to Human Resources:

Direct Deposit Agreement Form.pdf

A pay stub will be provided to the employee. See the following for an explanation of the codes on the pay stub.

Deduction Codes.pdf

Hourly employees should submit their time sheets according to the pay schedule posted on EagleOnline. A sample of this pay schedule is below:

Hourly Pay Schedule 17-18.pdf

If an employee's marital status changes or the employee chooses to change the number of exemptions previously claimed, a new Form W-4 should be submitted to Human Resources.

Federal Tax Form 2018.pdf
State Tax Form 2018.pdf