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Nilges Technology Center, Room 101 - President and Administration Office


7:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


  • Director of Marketing (573) 897-5351 or (53) 353-1979



Promotional Items. The college wordmarks and official logos are for use in the production of merchandise, apparel, promotional items and publications. When having a third party produce merchandise, apparel, promotional items, publications or documents, please ensure you have the highest resolution logo which can be requested.

If you want to create a publication, purchase clothing, or an item that promotes State Technical College of Missouri (State Tech) please note the following procedure. To promote consistency and uniformity, all orders for merchandise with the State Tech name and/or logo must be completed by working with the Marketing Department and the State Tech Bookstore.

1. If needed, send a logo/artwork request to the State Tech Marketing Department or the State Tech Bookstore. Either department can help you get a design.
2. After the design receives Marketing and Bookstore approval, the State Tech Bookstore will gather price quotes for the customized merchandise you requested.
3. After approval of the quote an order will be placed

  • Unless there are unusual circumstances, the requesting department’s budget will be charged for the order.

Logo Usage Guidelines 2017.pdf

State Tech logo to be used at all times for the recruitment of students. Eagle logo can be used for on campus usage only.