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What is the CX (CARS) System? The CX (CARS) system is a relational database that contains the College’s student records and financial information. The CX (CARS) system provides a common database for institutional data. Users can view budget information as well as student information. Faculty can register their students on the system if proper training has been achieved.

Getting Started - Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). FERPA (20 U.S.C. § 1232g; 34 CFR Part 99) is a Federal law that protects the privacy of student education records. Before employees can have a userid (username) and password assigned, FERPA training must be completed. The MIS department will then set up the employee’s userid and password and provide training to log on to the CX (CARS) system.

Logging Into the System. When initially logging into the CX (CARS) system, first double click the computer icon on the desktop named PUTTY, and a black screen will appear that prompts for a login. Or, the CX 8.1 system can be accessed by going to the following link:

Note: Java must be correctly installed.

Click on Run Jenzabar CX.

After the login is entered, press enter for a password prompt. When entering the password, the cursor will not move nor will there be asterisks to indicate typing. After entering the password press enter and the appropriate screen for the employee’s department will be displayed.

See Article Management Information Services.

To submit a work request go to http://missupport/missupport.

Below is additional information.

Changing Your CARS Password.docx
Changing Your CARS Password.pdf

Changing Your CARS Output Viewer.docx
Changing Your CARS Output Viewer.pdf

CARS Printing and Loading a New Form Type.docx
CARS Printing and Loading a New Form Type.pdf

CARS Running a Student Hold Report.docx
CARS Running a Student Hold Report.pdf

CARS Student GPA by Department.docx
CARS Student GPA by Department.pdf

CARS Degree Audit for All Students in a Program (New-Degree Audit Report).docx
CARS Degree Audit for All Students in a Program (New-Degree Audit Report).pdf

CARS Math Class Pass Rates by Program Report Instructions.docx
CARS Math Class Pass Rates by Program Report Instructions.pdf