Internet Service Reimbursement

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Internet Service that is being used for college and personal use may be eligible for reimbursement. The determination of those eligible for college reimbursement will be done based on the recommendations by cabinet level administrators with accompanying Internet Service Reimbursement Request Form.docx (or Internet Service Reimbursement Request Form.pdf) with final approval by the Vice President of Administration & Finance and Dean of Information Technology.

If approved, reimbursement of Internet Services is limited to the following:

  • The College will reimburse one-half of the monthly pre-approved Internet service fee, not to exceed $240 annually (i.e., $40.00 monthly fee would be reimbursed $20.00).
  • Reimbursement would only be allowed on Internet access fees and wouldn’t include other services such as e-mail, web, storage, etc. The college will not reimburse charges for additional phone lines and other installation fees.
  • Standard employee expense form will be used for reimbursement. Requests should have paid invoices attached. Use and reimbursement will continue to be monitored by the Business Office as done for other expenses.