Health Emergency

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In case of a health emergency in which the illness or injury may be serious or life threatening, call 911 and then notify the College Administration of the situation. Do not attempt to move an injured or ill person unless necessary for immediate safety. Do not leave the person unattended if possible, and avoid exposure to blood and other body fluids, unless wearing protective latex gloves. If appropriate to the condition, administer CPR. If the victim is responsive and refuses ambulance service, ask who should be contacted to come care for the victim. If the condition seems at all serious, insist that the victim either go for hospital care or have someone come to take the person to a place where care can be provided.

An Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is located at the front desk of the Activity Center on the Linn campus.

Report all suicidal threats and attempts immediately to Counseling Services. Take suicide threats seriously, and do not leave the person unattended if possible.