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Employees should acquaint themselves with the location of the fire alarm and extinguisher closest to their work area, and the posted evacuation maps. Employees should give thought in advance to designating an assembly area outside to determine that all are accounted for in case of evacuation.

In case of fire, call 911 and notify the College Administration of the situation. Do not try to fight fire alone. Immediately instruct all occupants to leave the building using the closest safe stairways and exits. Do not use elevators. Assist individuals with disabilities to exit and make sure they are clear of the building. Do not attempt to take books, equipment, or other belongings, and do not reenter the buildings until an official all-clear is indicated. If time permits, any open windows or doors should be closed while exiting and see that lights, electrical circuits, and gas jets are turned off. In smoky conditions, crawl, staying near the floor. Touch closed doors before opening them to see if they are heated from fire on the other side.