Field Trips and Out of Class Activities

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Lecture, discussion, and field trips beyond the classroom are all encouraged. The Department Chair may approve off-campus trips when they meet the following conditions:

  • Request is made in advance of trip date
  • Funds for the trip are available in department budget
  • Students have been informed that it is their responsibility to make up any work missed in other classes at the convenience of the instructor involved
  • Instructors of students involved are informed if the trip extends beyond scheduled class hours
  • Provision has been made for adequate supervision
  • College vehicles are available, if needed.

Out-of-Class Activities Requirements. When a group of students miss other classes due to an out-of-class activity, it can have a significant impact on the students’ ability to complete class requirements. This is especially true for 1) general education lecture classes that cover new material everyday, 2) 8-week classes, and 3) classes that meet only on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

When instructors are notified with enough lead time that most or all of their students will miss a class session, they may be able to revise their class plans of instruction to minimize the impact on their students. Therefore, based on the Department Chair discussion and recommendation, here are the requirements for out-of-class activities:

  • At least one week before the activity, notify other instructors that students will be absent for an out-of-class activity.
  • If you don’t have a week of notice from the industry site or organization you are visiting with students, consider the negative impact on the students’ other class work vs. the benefit of the activity. If the activity is essential to student learning, notify the other instructors as soon as you know the date of the out-of-class activity.
  • Tell students that they are responsible to 1) get content covered in missed classes from their classmates and 2) contact the instructor before missing a class about making up any assignments and/or taking tests that will be missed.
  • Faculty conducting an approved school function such as a field trip that takes some students out of other faculty members’ classes must notify the InstructorsGened E-mail Distribution List at least one week in advance of the school function. The notification must include a list of students’ names and the date(s) they will be excused.
  • Out-of-class activities should not be planned during the last two weeks of the semester when possible.

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