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Family Day was started in 2005 to allow students to bring guests to campus. This is now an annual event, with separate days held for HEO/PST to accommodate their schedules.

These events give our students an opportunity to receive encouragement from their families and to proudly show off their State Tech program. Therefore, it is an important part of our retention efforts and increases word-of-mouth recruitment. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

Listed below are a few suggestions on how to showcase your program for family members who visit your classes.

  • Welcome the family members and include them in any projects or activities if possible and if safe. Each program is responsible for providing safety glasses, as necessary, to their guests.
  • Display current projects.
  • Provide some history and/or background on the topics you are covering.
  • Please make sure your area is clean and organized.
  • Rope off areas with safety concerns.
  • Wear your State Tech shirt.

Please encourage your students to invite their family members to Family Day.

Remember to allow students flexibility to spend some time with his/her family. Please hold classes as usual, but excuse students from class if their family members are here and they have a full class schedule for that day. The student is responsible for making-up missed classwork.

Below is a sample Family Day flyer and Agendas for the day. A list of students and registered guests is provided prior to the event.


Typically, Family Day information including an RSVP form for interested students and family members can be found by visiting, and clicking on the Family Day link under the News & Announcements section.

Everyone’s support of this event is appreciated!