Equipment Transfer/Disposal

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The transfer and disposal of College-owned equipment is coordinated by the department head or administrator. When equipment is surplus to a department's needs, contact the Business Office to determine the correct method of equipment disposal. Equipment may be transferred to other departments of the college. Equipment that was purchased or received from Missouri State Surplus may need to be returned to Missouri State Surplus. Equipment purchased with DESE funds have requirements for disposal of their equipment. Equipment that was donated could have restrictions that were placed on the equipment when it was donated that will need to be researched. Computers should be completely wiped clean of information prior to disposal and the Residual Data Disposal Certificate.pdf form must be completed.

The Asset Disposal & GovDeals Inspection Form.docx (or Asset Disposal & GovDeals Inspection Form.pdf) must be completed when transferring, selling, or disposing of equipment.

Selling Equipment on If it is determined that the equipment may be sold, the above form and pictures of the items are submitted to the Business Office for established sales dates. Please make sure that you (or someone from your department) are available for questions or inspections from bidders and for pickups. Once the sale is concluded, the buyer has 5 days to pay and 10 days to pick up unless otherwise scheduled. Pickups are scheduled by the purchaser through the Business Office, although unfortunately unscheduled pickups do happen.

Proceeds from the Sale of Items. The proceeds from the sale of equipment will usually go to the department that is removing it from their inventory. Note that items sold on GovDeals will have a handling fee assessed by GovDeals and an administrative fee assessed by the Business Office.