End of Semester Reminders

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As the semester comes to a close, please remember to do the following before you leave:

  • Instructors, submit your final AJA information via Moodle and take Incomplete Grade Forms and any AJA information not submitted via Moodle to Academic Records Office.
  • Record a “no answer greeting” on your voicemail and place an “Out of Office” automatic reply on your e-mail to reflect that you will be out of the office.
  • Turn off your computer(s), printer(s), lights, and lab equipment to save energy.
  • If you have borrowed any equipment, please return it before you leave campus.
  • If you need to have your computer lab(s) updated over the summer, please let the IT Department know by filling out a work ticket at helpdesk@statetechmo.edu.
  • See the instructions for accessing e-mail and voicemail from home.

1. To change the voice mail on your phone to reflect that you will be out for the summer:

a. Dial 5900

b. Enter your passcode

c. Press 8 (U) for user options

d. Press 4 (G) to change your greetings

e. Press 2 (C) to change your conditional personal greetings

f. Press 6 (N) to change your no answer greeting

g. Press 7 (R) to record your no answer greeting and follow the instructions.

2. To place an “Out of Office” message on your e-mail:

a. Select the Tools menus in Outlook;

b. Choose the “Out of Office Assistant” and type your message.

Or if you have Microsoft Outlook 10 or later:

a. Select the File tab;

b. Select “Automatic Replies (Out of Office) button;

c. Select the button by “Send automatic replies;

d. Type your message in both the Inside and Outside My Organization tabs.

Accessing Email and Voice Mail from Home.docx
Accessing Email and Voice Mail from Home.pdf