Employment Policies

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approved by Board of Regents 01/16/2015

The Board of Regents is the sole authority for the appointment of all employees who report directly to the College President, which shall be for a specific term and a specific remuneration, which may be terminated by the Board of Regents at any time pursuant to contract or at the pleasure of the Board of Regents. The Board of Regents may delegate to the College President the appointment, terms of contract, and remuneration of all other employees.

Faculty Hiring Policy

General Education faculty requirements are a minimum of a master level degree with 18 graduate credits in the content area.

Technical faculty requirements are a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in an appropriate area and three years of appropriate business/industrial experience.

If faculty candidates do not meet the educational requirements, the candidate who is offered the position must agree to obtain their educational requirements within a reasonable period of time.

Dismissal of Contract Employees. Dismissal of contract employees shall be as specified in Missouri Statutes and shall be according to the following causes:

1. Physical or mental condition making him/her unfit to instruct or associate with students.

2. Immoral conduct.

3. Incompetency in line of duty.

4. Failure to obey the laws of the state or the policies of the Board of Regents.

5. Failure to perform duties as assigned by any superior in the chain of command as per the College administrative structure.

6. Inability to get along with administrators, supervisors, and/or fellow employees.

7. Excessive or unreasonable absence from performance of duties.

8. Conviction of a felony or conviction of any crime involving moral turpitude.