Employee Personnel Files

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Employee files are maintained by Human Resources and are considered confidential. Managers and supervisors may only have access to personnel file information on a need-to-know basis.

A manager or supervisor considering the hire of a former employee or transfer of a current employee may be granted access to the file, or limited parts of it, in accordance with antidiscrimination laws.

Personnel file access by current employees and former employees upon request will generally be permitted within three days of the request unless otherwise required under state law. Personnel files are to be reviewed in Human Resources. Personnel files may not be taken outside the department.

Representatives of government or law enforcement agencies, in the course of their duties, may be allowed access to file information.

All employees should file the following form with Human Resources:

Emergency Contact Form.pdf

If an employee has a change of address the employee should file the following form with Human Resources:

Change of Address Notice.docx