Degree Audit in CARS

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A degree audit is a computerized listing of the courses required for a major based on the catalog year in which a student enters the major. The classes and grade requirements match those that are listed in the catalog. Once a student starts taking classes here, his grades automatically populate on the degree audit too.

This is an unofficial guide for students and advisors to determine a student’s graduation status. Keep in mind, however, that our degree audit system is not 100% accurate and should never be used as a final graduation review for a student. There are some situations that the computer system cannot handle – such as two courses substituting for one requirement or one class meeting two requirements.

Here are instructions for running a degree audit on one of your advisees:

  • Log into the CX (CARS) system.
  • Choose Student Information
  • Choose Interactive Degree Audit
  • Click on Enter
  • Click on the green checkmark
  • Enter the student’s ID number
  • Click on the green checkmark
  • Click on the 4th checkmark from the left (the running man)

The degree audit will then load on your screen.