Consumer Information Required to be Sent to All Students

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All enrolled students must annually be notified that information is available regarding the following topics:

1. Financial Aid Assistance: This includes the types of financial aid programs available, the eligibility requirements for those programs, and the process and forms needed to apply for the programs. Also included are the requirements students must meet to remain eligible for their financial aid.

2. Institutional Information: This includes the cost of attending the institution, the refund policy, and the Return of Title IV Refund policy. Information regarding the programs offered, licensing offered, licensing and accreditation, and special services available to disabled students can also be found.

3. Institutional Graduation Rate: This includes the graduation rate of its certificate or degree seeking, full-time students.

4. Annual Security Report: This includes information regarding annual crime statistics and the campus crime policy and security.

The information listed above can be found at If you would like to request information in person, you may contact the following offices:

1. Financial Aid Assistance: Financial Aid Offices- Amber Rhoads NTC 102, Barb Vaughan NTC 105, or Becky Whithaus NTC 104.

2. Institutional Information:

  • Cashier Office (Cost of attending the institution/refund policy) - Gwen Schwartz NTC 101
  • Financial Aid Office (Return of Title IV Refund Policy) - Amber Rhoads NTC 102, Barb Vaughan NTC 105, or Becky Whithaus NTC 104
  • Admissions Office (Programs offered, licensing and accreditation) – ITC 101
  • Jason Hoffmeyer, VRE, located in the ITC (Special services available to disabled students).

3. Institutional Graduation Rate: Rick Mihalevich Dean of Institutional Planning and Research NTC 111

4. Annual Security Report: Becca Mehmert Counselor NTC 103

Requests for a paper copy of this information can be made by telephone or in writing to: State Technical College of Missouri One Technical College Linn, MO 65051 (573) 897-5000