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Employees should also view Article Commencement - Employee Information.

A student will officially graduate at the conclusion of the semester that he/she completes all requirements for the major. The College confers degrees every semester, but commencement ceremonies are held in May only. Graduates from the previous fall semester, spring candidates, and approved summer candidates may participate each May.

Graduation Application. Graduation requirements differ by major, but submitting a graduation application is a requirement for all prospective graduates.

Graduation Application-Application to Participate.pdf

See the College catalog for additional graduation requirements. Applications can also be found in Academic Records or on the College website.

The application is required even if the student chooses not to walk in the commencement ceremony.

  • May graduates should apply by the preceding October 1st.
  • August graduates should apply by the preceding March 1st.
  • December graduates should apply by the preceding July 1st.

Graduation applications should be submitted to Academic Records or scanned and emailed to or faxed to (573) 897-4656. A graduation status report will be emailed to the student from Academic Records.

Publications. To designate a specific newspaper where graduate information should be released, or to remove your name from the commencement program submit the following form to Academic Records.

FERPA Academic Honors and Graduation Publication.pdf

Financial Aid Exit Counseling. If a student had a student loan during their educational career at the College, federal requirements state that student must complete Exit Counseling prior to leaving State Tech. Contact Financial Aid to set up an appointment, which will take approximately 30-45 minutes to complete. The following information is needed from the student:

  • Student's PIN (This was used to sign your FAFSA and the Master Promissory Note is a 4 digit number)
  • Social Security Number
  • Spouse's name and address (if applicable)
  • Expected employer's name, address and phone number (if known)
  • A parent's address and phone number
  • A next of kin's (ex. Aunt, uncle, sibling, etc. that is at a different address than parent) address and phone number
  • Three personal references including address, phone number, and employer's name

This is a graduation requirement. Students will not receive a diploma or transcript until exit counseling is completed. If the student is not sure if they have a loan contact Financial Aid to verify.

Commencement Ceremony. The College holds three commencement ceremonies on the designated Saturday in May, at 9:00 a.m., 12:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m.. The ceremonies are divided by Academic Divisions.

Commencement details will be posted on the College website, but below is some helpful information:

  • Graduation announcements are available for purchase through the Bookstore.
  • Participants should arrive 30 minutes prior to ceremony time and report to the cafeteria in the Information Technology Center.
  • Guests are not required to have tickets to attend commencement, and there is no limit on the number of guests who may attend.
  • The College contracts with a professional photographer for commencement. More information will be posted here when photos are ready to view and purchase.
  • Participants who need physical accommodations at the ceremony should call (573) 897-5138 for assistance.
  • Graduation candidates do not participate in a rehearsal. Assistant marshals, who are faculty members from each program, do participate in rehearsal and guide the candidates throughout the ceremony.

Appropriate Attire. There is no cost for regalia (cap and gown), and the regalia does not have to be returned after the ceremony. Students who order a cap and gown for graduation will be notified when they are available for pick up at the bookstore. Please follow the guidelines below for what to wear with your regalia.

  • Men: Dark slacks (No shorts or jeans) and dark dress shoes (No work boots or shoes, tennis shoes, flip-flops, or sandals)
  • Women: Dark slacks or skirt (No shorts or jeans) and dark dress shoes / low heels recommended (No work boots or shoes, tennis shoes, flip-flops, or casual sandals)
  • PTK Members: Members of Phi Theta Kappa should contact the PTK Chapter Advisor to order honor stoles.

Tassels are worn on the right side of caps at the beginning of the ceremony, and after candidates are pronounced graduated, tassels are moved to the left side of the caps.

Students will be allowed to decorate the top of the regalia cap only if it pertains to the program and if the decorating has been approved by the program department chair.

Diplomas. The Academic Records Office will mail diplomas (and diploma covers to those not participating in commencement) and student-issued transcripts approximately six weeks after the graduation term to the address listed on the graduation application. Please note diplomas and transcripts will not be released to graduates until all accounts at the college are clear.

Student Action Items Upon Graduation:

Alumni Association. Congratulations and welcome to the STC Alumni Association! As a graduate of State Technical College of Missouri, you join an organization of nearly 11,000 people from around the world. As a member of the Alumni Association, you will receive the STC TECHnique as well as opportunities to gather and connect with fellow alumni. For more information on what the Alumni Association has to offer you as a graduate, please visit

Student Email. Once a student graduates, their student email account will be active for one year. After that, it will be deleted. If they have any information that is important, we suggest they move it to a personal email address.

EagleOnline Login. Student user names and password will not change (unless contacted). Forgotten passwords are sent to the student’s Eagle Mail account. Anyone having issues logging in can contact

Unofficial Transcripts/Transcripts. Unofficial Transcripts can be found in EagleOnline under the Student Info Tab. Graduates will receive a student-issued transcript with their diplomas in the mail. The Official Transcripts will come from the Records office. Transcript Release Forms can be found on the College website under Alumni Services. The form can be faxed, emailed, or mailed in.

Transcript Request Form.pdf

If you participated in either Commencement ceremony in 2014, you hopefully noticed the greenery lining the stage. It has an interesting story.

Mary McGraw was a nontraditional student who was taking a couple of CTG classes a few years back. She is a plant lover and was offering starts of all sorts of plants and wondered whether or not I wanted any. She offered cuttings of Swedish Ivy, which is just a plain green plant, normally treated as a houseplant. Just when I was ready to tell her I didn’t want any because let’s face it, Swedish Ivy isn’t that big of a deal, she said that this Swedish Ivy came from the Oval Office.

Some quick searches later revealed a Time magazine article that focused on the very subject of the Oval Office’s permanent resident. Some image searches indeed revealed multiple presidents shaking hands with dignitaries and there is indeed a Swedish Ivy sitting on the mantle in the Oval Office. This Swedish Ivy has been in the Oval Office since the Kennedy Administration. It turns out when the horticulture staff comes into the Oval Office to care for the plant, they offer cuttings to White House staffers. Mary McGraw’s best friend’s son was a photo editor at the White House. Knowing how much his mother loved plants, he took some cuttings to give to his mother, who in turn shared them with Mary McGraw. This man’s name is Lynden Steele. Steele is currently the Director of Photography for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Every year Nikky Nilges asks me if I have any greenery that can be added to the graduation stage. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. That’s when I had the idea of putting the Swedish Ivy on the stage. After a little consulting with Jeff Holtmeyer and Ben Berhorst in HVT, their students constructed eight planter boxes and saucer trays that would be laid end to end along the stage. I had my CTG students take cuttings of the plant in their propagation class. The cuttings rooted and the boxes on stage were planted in mid-February.

The planters have served their purpose. I never intended to keep all of the planters growing indefinitely. Much like the plant in the Oval Office, I will simply take cuttings and start the new planters next year. Instead of throwing the plants away, I am willing to cut them up and share with anyone who would like a start. Send me an email and we can make arrangements. Bring your own pot and I can pot it for you. Or if you’d just like a piece of the plant I can cut one out and put it in a tray for you and you can take it home and pot it yourself.

Nick Rackers | Instructor | Commercial Turf & Grounds Management |