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College facilities may be used by others, but in no case shall that use interfere with College-sponsored activities. Scheduling the rental of the College buildings is the responsibility of the Director of Facilities.

  • A custodian shall be present when the buildings are in use, or immediately afterward. Services of a custodian are limited to services necessary for placing buildings in condition for use: cleaned, heated, chairs arranged, etc.
  • Rental of the College buildings does not include the use of College equipment.
  • Events for which admission is charged and the public is admitted must be approved by the College President. Permission will be granted only when the net proceeds of such events are to be used for charitable or civic purposes, not commercial or personal purposes.
  • Organizations utilizing the buildings shall prohibit the use of alcohol on the grounds and in the buildings unless express permission is granted by the College President. Tobacco use shall only be allowed in the designated areas outside each building.
  • Organizations using the buildings, facilities, and equipment of the College shall be responsible for all damages to property or equipment of the College, and responsible for all repairs to the property.
  • Applications for use of the College buildings or grounds must be signed by a responsible citizen who is 21 years of age or older. A permit is not transferable and may be revoked at any time, at the discretion of the College President.

The Osage County Community Center is also available for use by the College employees and student organizations. Room reservation(s) should be made through the Foundation office.

To reserve conference rooms, etc., please see the following instructions:

How to View Additional Calendars in Outlook and Schedule Meetings and Resources.docx
How to View Additional Calendars in Outlook and Schedule Meetings and Resources.pdf.

Be sure to include set-up and clean-up time. Using the Outlook Address Book, please contact the following:

  • “helpdesk” for any audio/visual needs.
  • “Staff Maintenance” for any chair/table setup needs.
  • “foodservice” for any food preparation, catering, etc.

To reserve College facilities that are not shared through Outlook Calendar, please contact the following using the Outlook Address Book:

  • Activity Center – “Activity Center”
  • Classrooms and Labs – “Staff Records”
  • Library – “Staff Library”
  • Osage County Community Center (OCCC) – “Staff Foundation”
  • VPC Room 107 (Conference room downstairs – seats 14) - “Staff Records”
  • VPC Room 201 (Large conference hall upstairs) - “Staff Records”
  • Parking lots or other outside facilities – “Staff Maintenance”