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If a class must be cancelled, the instructor or another department member will notify the students as soon as possible once it is deemed that the class will not meet as scheduled, preferably two hours in advance of the class scheduled meeting time. Within the first week of class, each instructor will determine class notification procedures in the event of a class cancellation on short notice. Class notification procedures will be posted on the class topic page in Moodle.

Short Notice Class Cancellation Procedure.

Students have a right to expect that classes meet as scheduled. If a class must be cancelled, the instructor or department member must notify the student(s) as soon as possible once it is deemed the class will not meet as scheduled, preferably two hours in advance of class scheduled meeting time. Priority should be given to students who commute to class from off campus, but all students must receive equal consideration for adequate notification.

It is the responsibility of each department, including the individual faculty members to inform their students of the notification process to be used during their eight, sixteen week, or other length course. It should be noted that the students may respond more favorably if included in this process of determining how they will be notified, but the final decision shall rest with the individual faculty/department member and their respective chairperson. A copy of the formal process shall be on file with the department chair and shall be forwarded also to the Dean of Instruction, or their designee.

It is understood that unavoidable circumstances occur which may not allow a faculty member to give two hours of notice prior to start of class. In the event this should occur, it is expected that every effort be made to provide some notification to the affected students. Instructors should also notify their respective chair and/or lead instructors. Chairs and lead instructors should follow reporting requirements as stipulated by their direct reporting supervisor.

When a short notice cancellation occurs without the stipulated two hour prior notification, whatever the reason, the following steps will be initiated by the responsible chair, lead, and/or the Dean of Instruction/Vice-President of Academic Affairs:

1) The faculty member, chair and/or Dean of Instruction/Vice-President of Academic Affairs will meet and review the cause of short notification, at which time the cause/reason for the short notification will be deemed either avoidable or un-avoidable.

2) If deemed to be avoidable, the faculty member and the reviewing parties will discuss/clarify any areas in this procedure which may be unclear to the faculty member. A verbal warning may be issued and so noted in the respective employee file maintained by the Human Resources Department. Additional avoidable occurrences within the same contract year may result in written warnings and/or additional action consistent with section XI of the Rules and Regulations of Linn State Technical College effective January, 2010. The employee should, at a minimum, be counseled on their unacceptable job performance and/or have the opportunity to remediate any unsatisfactory areas prior to their formal annual performance evaluation.

3) If deemed to be un-avoidable, no warnings or further action will be taken. Should the un-avoidable occurrences develop into a pattern of abuse throughout the contract period as determined by the responsible chair and /or Dean of Instruction/Vice-President of Academic Affairs; appropriate actions may be initiated consistent with Section XI of the above noted rules and regulations.

4) Upon completion of a twelve month period with no short notice cancellation avoidable occurrences in the employee file and, after receiving a satisfactory or better performance evaluation, it is the expectation of the faculty member that prior avoidable occurrences beyond the twelve month period noted above will not be viewed as detrimental in future performance evaluations or consideration for renewal of contract.