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The purpose of administering the CAAP test is to establish the extent to which the College is effectively providing a general education core. Since performance affects funding, students are expected to score at least at the 50th percentile. There is no student related minimum score established at this time. Test results are to be distributed to the department chairs and the Dean of Institutional Research. It is the responsibility of the test administrator to provide the data to the Assessment Office in an electronic format. Analysis of test results is the responsibility of the Dean of Institutional Research. Results will be distributed to appropriate Cabinet-level administrators and Department Chairs.

The intent of the assessment policy is for all degree-seeking graduating students to be assessed appropriately. Thus, a full- or part-time student who will be completing an AAS degree will be required to take the general education assessment during the last semester of enrollment. Included in this requirement is transfer students who have completed some or all of their general education core at another institution. If students have taken the test or an equivalent test at another institution, it is not necessary to retake the test if results are available to STC.

All students need valid general education test results. Only one set of official valid results is needed. Therefore, a student completing a second degree at STC will not be required to take another set of general education tests.

A test schedule will be published and students will take the appropriate test(s).

The CAAP assessment will not be required for certificate students.

The assessment policy applies to degree-seeking students who matriculate to completion of STC programs. All degree-seeking students are to be assessed in major field and general education. The policy refers to foreign students, just as it does to disadvantaged native students. It is the responsibility of the institution to assure language proficiency before students are accepted into programs. The readability level of the CAAP test is much lower than that of technical manuals within the various programs.

Voided Answer Documents.

Students who do not comply with the policy of the institution are to be referred to the Dean of Student Services and are expected to comply appropriately at another scheduled date. The expense for the second testing is the responsibility of the student. A report that evaluates each student's test in relation to "verification questions" is provided to the campus. That report indicates students who have not given appropriate effort to the exam. The student may retake the test only when it is scheduled by the institution. This requirement could feasibly delay graduation.


The CAAP exam required for all AAS degree seekers will be administered near the end of each semester. Last year’s results provided an indication of what improvements can be seen on CAAP results by allowing students to become familiar with CAAP content areas and how the questions are presented. The link has sample questions from the different areas of the exam. Feedback from instructors is that it mirrors the actual CAAP exam very close. If we allow the students getting ready for the CAAP to see review the sample questions, it will again allow for an increase in the number of students achieving a score at or above the 50th percentile national ranking on 2 of the 4 exams. So please share with those graduating students.


If you are graduating with an Associate of Applied Science degree you will be participating in the CAAP assessment of general education skills. The CAAP exams will be administered as outlined on the schedule sent to all students. Please look and see what day and time your program is scheduled to test.

Recognition for High Achievements. Students achieving a score at or above the 50th percentile national ranking on 3 of the 4 exams will be awarded “Distinction” on their transcript. Students achieving a score at or above the 80th percentile national ranking will be awarded “High Distinction” on their transcript.

Student achieving a score at or above the 50th percentile national ranking on all 4 exams will have their names placed in a drawing for a valuable prize. A prize will also be awarded for the Top Achiever.

The link will allow you to see sample questions from the exams to help you see how the questions are presented.