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Assessment Planning Budget form FY15.xlsx

Assessment Planning Budget form FY15.pdf

Personnel Request Form FY14.docx

Personnel Request Form FY14.pdf

Request for Equipment Upgrade.pdf

Equipment Fund Authorization Form.pdf

Budgets typically roll over from year to year and are unchanged in total dollar amount. We have been asked and can accommodate either of the following for a new fiscal year:

  • A permanent budget transfer – If you have budget dollars in an account that you have never ever used i.e. Travel-Professional Dev, you can complete a Budget Transfer Form.xlsx (or Budget Transfer Form.pdf )with PERMANENT TRANSFER written across the top and will make sure that that budget transfer is part of the budget that is rolled over from the previous fiscal year.
  • New budget breakdown – If you would like your entire budget (same total dollar amount) to be setup differently, Please submit that to us April 1. This information will be used to set up the next fiscal year budget in CARS that you will manage – hopefully making numerous budget transfers throughout the year unnecessary. You will most likely need a little help knowing which budget lines cannot be moved and which ones can, so please make sure and stop by the Business Office to review the new proposed budget before it is considered to be in its final form.

When you access any transaction detail in budget review, you see a column titled post date on the right hand side of the screen. Up until the spring of 2014, that date was the date that particular entry was physically entered in the system. For example, if I’m sitting at my desk on April 2, 2014 entering an invoice that is posted to the general ledger on Feb 28, 2014, the date in budget review would reflect April 2, 2014. Now the date in budget review will reflect Feb 28, 2014 for the same transaction instead of April 2, 2014.

Fund balances are never rolled over before the audit is complete. I will send out an email letting everyone know that balances are rolled over – this only affects balance sheet accounts which not many people would be working with – with the exception of club balances. The information is all there – users just need to be aware that they have to look at 2 different years.

See Budget Review-Transaction Detail.docx (or Budget Review-Transaction Detail.pdf for help in using the CARS budget review process.

CARS Salary/Benefits Information Access

  • Department Chairs have access to the salary/benefit expense detail within their particular budget (object codes 6000-6299). This is to make sure Department Chairs have all of the information they need to manage and evaluate their program on a regular basis. Having access to the salary/benefit information at your fingertips allows you to better understand the entire cost of your program. Some program budgets are 85% salary/benefit expense. Please ask questions to become comfortable with this information.
  • What can’t I do with these salary/benefits accounts I have access to?
  • It’s Confidential - Even though you hear regularly that everyone’s salary is public information and is published with regularity, please treat all of this information as CONFIDENTIAL. If it is discovered that you are not treating this information, your access will be restricted.
  • Budget Transfer – YOU CAN NOT USE ANY OF THESE ACCOUNTS IN A BUDGET TRANSFER. YOU CAN’T TRANSFER MONEY TO THEM AND YOU CAN’T TRANSFER MONEY OUT OF THEM. If there are negatives in the unexpended column of budget review, please just ignore them!!

Negative Balances. If you have any negative balances in your budget, submit a Budget Transfer Form to take care of this. Please remember that you DO NOT have to address any negative items in account(object) numbers from 6000-6299 or 7695, 7997, 7998, 7999. Please ignore these accounts when preparing budget transfers to remedy any negative balances.

Intercompany Charges. An email will be sent when intercompany charges are posted to your budgets. This will include notices for the following:

  • Bookstore Charges
  • Copy Machines Usage Charges

This notice will help you understand why the balances in accounts seem to magically change. These charges usually affect the following accounts:

6360 – lease/rental payments – copy machine usage

6407 – computer supplies

6425 – instructional supplies

6438 – office supplies

6440 – other supplies

7540 – promotional items

When you receive these emails, please pull up your budget to see if any budget transfers are necessary to accommodate any of the intercompany charges.