Attire and Grooming

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It is important for all employees to project a professional image while at work by being appropriately attired. Employees of the College are expected to be neat, clean, and well groomed while on the job. Clothing shall be consistent with the standards for a business environment and shall be appropriate to the type of work being performed. The appropriateness of an employee’s work attire shall take into consideration the nature of the employee’s work as well as the level of contact the employee may have with the public. All work attire should be clean, neat, and in good condition. Clothing and/or accessories which may create health or safety hazards will not be allowed.

All employees generally should be covered from shoulders to knees at all times. No see-through clothing, or clothing with offensive messages or advertisements for liquor/cigarettes/drugs is permitted at any time. Natural and artificial scents may become a distraction from a well-functioning workplace and are also subject to these guidelines.

Uniforms are acceptable work attire and available to College employees. Employees may elect to pay related uniform fees through a payroll deduction. See Article Uniforms.

The College is confident that employees will use their best judgment regarding attire and appearance. The College reserves the right to determine appropriateness. Any employee who is improperly dressed will be counseled or in severe cases may be sent home to change clothes. Continued disregard of these guidelines may be cause for disciplinary action, which may result in termination.