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Employees are permitted to engage in additional contracted work with College entities such as various Grants, Business & Industry, etc. with certain stipulations:

STC employees are allowed to engage in supplemental training projects through the Business and Industry (B&I) Department at STC. The B&I Department can provide valuable assistance to companies throughout Missouri by designing training projects specifically for them. These projects are often short-term, non-credit projects that can be held on the STC campus or an off-site location. STC faculty are often used to teach these projects using the process below:

1. Once a potential training project has been identified, B&I representatives will contact the Department Chair of the appropriate program to find an instructor for the project.

2. The instructor will be offered the opportunity to teach the class, and if accepted, will participate in the planning of the customized training project.

3. An Instructor Agreement will be developed that includes rate of reimbursement, start and end dates, assigned hours, and training location. This document also includes the following paragraph:

“This agreement does not release me from my regular responsibilities as instructor at State Technical College of Missouri. I understand that I must complete the obligations as stated in my job description. If, at any point, this agreement hinders my ability to complete my obligations as instructor at State Technical College, I may not be allowed to participate in future agreements with the Business and Industry Department.”

4. Rate of reimbursement is dependent upon the assigned hours of the project. For training that occurs between the hours of 8am – 3pm, Monday thru Friday, the instructor will be paid $17.50 to $25/hour depending upon technical level. Instructors will not have to take vacation, personal, or other leave to work these hours. For training that occurs between the hours of 3pm – 8am, Monday thru Friday, and on weekends, the instructor will be paid $35 to $50/hour depending upon technical level.

5. Upon completion of the training project, the instructor must complete and submit to the B&I Department an Instructor Timesheet with total hours worked. This timesheet will be processed and sent to STC payroll for payment at the next payroll cycle.

6. Trainee feedback will be summarized and shared with the STC Associate Dean of Instruction.