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For acronyms related to courses or programs at STC, refer to the current college catalog or Article Academic Departments.

AACC American Association of Community Colleges

ABHES Accrediting Bureau for Health Education Schools

ACCET Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training

ACCS/CT Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges of Technology

ACT American College Testing

AA Academic Affairs

AAS Associate of Applied Science Degree

ACTE Association for Career and Technical Education

ACICS Accrediting Council of Independent Colleges and Schools

ADA American Dental Association or Americans with Disabilities Act

ADDA American Design Drafting Association

AED Associated Equipment Distributors Foundation

AEL Adult Education and Literacy

AGB Association of Governing Boards

AGC Associated General Contractors

AGD Anticipated Graduation Date

AIR Association for Institutional Research

ARC Academic Resource Center

ASE Automotive Service Excellence

ASSET Advising, Placement and Retention System

ATC Advanced Technology Center

ATMAE (formerly NAIT) Association of Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering

ATOM Automated Transfer of Money

AWG Administrative Wage Garnishment

AWS American Welding Society

CAAP Collegiate Assessment of Academic Proficiency

CAPTE Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education

CARS/JENZABAR CX Product name of STC management information system software

CBHE Coordinating Board of Higher Education

CBHE PI Coordinating Board of Higher Education - Performance Indicator

CDC Center for Disease Control

CIP Classification of Instructional Programs

COA Cost of Attendance

CODA Commission on Dental Accreditation

COMPASS Comprehensive computerized adaptive testing system used by STC for entrance testing

DE U.S. Department of Education

DESE Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

DETC Distance Education and Training Council

DHE Department of Higher Education

DOL U. S. Department of Labor

EAP Employee Assistance Program

EFC Expected Family Contribution

EFT Electronic Funds Transfer

EMSAS Enhanced Missouri Student Achievement Survey

EPA Environmental Protection Agency

ESL English as a Second Language

EETC Equipment & Engine Training Council

FAA Federal Aviation Administration

FAFSA Free Application for Federal Student Aid

FC Futures Council

FERPA Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

FFA Future Farmers of America

FFEL Federal Family Education Loan

FISAP Fiscal Operations Report and Application to Participate

FLC Family Life Center

FS Faculty Senate

FSEOG Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant Program

FT Full Time

FTE Full Time Equivalent

GAPS Grant Administration and Payment System

GED General Educational Development or Graduate Equivalency Diploma

GPA Grade Point Average

HBA Home Builders Association

HHS Health and Human Services

HLC Higher Learning Commission

HVAC-E Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning Excellence

IAC Inter-Agency Council

IEP Individualized Educational Plan

IFAP Information for Financial Aid Professionals

IMC Instructional Media Center

IPEDS Integrated Post-Secondary Education Data System

IPOS Institutional Participation and Oversight Services

ISCET International Society of Certified Electronics Technician

ISIR Institutional Student Information Record

IT Information Technology

ITC Information Technology Center

ITV Interactive Television/TV Conferencing

JRCERT Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology

LANCE Libraries And Networks Cooperating in Education (Mobius Cluster)

LOA Leave of Absence

LTH Less than Half Time

MADA Missouri Automotive Dealers Association

MBEA Missouri Business Education Association

MCBHE Missouri Coordinating Board for Higher Education

MDHE Missouri Department of Higher Education

MHE Missouri Higher Education Loan Authority

MIP Mission Implementation Plan

MoACTE Missouri Association of Career and Technical Education

MOBIUS Missouri Bibliographic and Information User System

MoDOT Missouri Department of Transportation

MOHELA Missouri Higher Education Loan Authority

MOREnet Missouri Research and Education Network

MOSTARS Missouri Student Assistance Resource Services

MPB Multi-Purpose Building

MPN Master Promissory Note

MSLP Missouri Student Loan Program

NAIT (now ATMAE) National Association of Industrial Technology

NATEF National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation

NCA North Central Association of Colleges and Schools

NCCER National Center for Construction Education & Research

NIC Network Interface Card

NIH National Institutes of Health

NIMH National Institute of Mental Health

NIMS National Institute for Metalworking Skills

NOC Network Operations Center

NOCTI National Occupational Competency Testing Institute

NSF National Science Foundation

NSLDS National Student loan Data System

NTC Nilges Technology Center

OCCC Osage County Community Center

OCR Office of Civil Rights

OOH Occupational Outlook Handbook (produced by the US DOL)

OSEDA Office of Social and Economic Development

OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Administration

OVAE Office of Vocational and Adult Education

PAS Postsecondary Agricultural Student Organization

PIN Personal Identification Number

Polycom Manufacturer of video conferencing equipment used on campus

PT Part time

PTK Phi Theta Kappa student honor society

RA Resident Assistant - STC Housing

RGA Resident Government Association - STC Housing

RM Resident Manager - STC Housing

ROTC Reserve Officer Training Corps

RSMo Revised Statutes of the State of Missouri

SA Student Affairs

SAP Satisfactory Academic Progress

SAT Scholastic Aptitude Test - College Entrance Test

SEM Seminar Courses (non-credit)

SFA Student Financial Aid or Student Financial Assistance

SGA Student Government Association

SIS School Information System - used for meal plan accounting

SLMA Student Loan Marketing Association - Sallie Mae

SOC Standard Occupational Classification System

SSCR Student Status Confirmation Report

SUB Subsidized Federal Stafford Loan


TABE Test of Adult Basic Education

UD Unterrified Democrat - local Linn newspaper

USDA United States Department of Agriculture

USDE United States Department of Education

USDOL United States Department of Labor

VA Veterans Administration

VA/VR Veterans Administration/Vocational Rehabilitation (dual eligibility)

VPC Vehicle & Power Center

VR Vocational Rehabilitation

VRE Vocational Resource Educator

WD Withdrawal Date

WIA Workforce Investment Act