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The syllabus for each class will indicate how academic grades are determined.

The following academic grading scale is used for all State Technical College letter graded credit classes:

A 90 to 100%
B 80 to 89.9%
C 70 to 79.9%
D 60 to 69.9%
F 59.9% and below

Higher grading percentages than the above grading scale will take precedence with approval by the Dean of Academic and Student Affairs if the need is supported by program accreditation or certification requirements.

Note: Some classes use a pass/fail grading system in which a P (pass) grade is substituted for the A, B, C, and D letter grades. Some classes may have an “A”, “B”, “C”, “F” grade scale.

If a student has a concern about the academic grade earned in a class, the first step is to talk to that instructor, and then to the student's academic advisor.

Grades and Unofficial Transcripts. Paper grade reports are not mailed to students at the end of the semester. Students should log into EagleOnline and click on the My Grades link under the Student Info tab to get their grades. Unofficial transcripts are also available here. Note that many vehicle insurance companies allow students to mail in unofficial transcripts in lieu of the college completing a form for students to renew their Good Student discounts.

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