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Copy Machine Charges. A summary will be distributed detailing the copy machine charges that have been posted to each department for object 6360. The very first thing you should do is open the PDF attachment and set the zoom drop down to 400%. Now you can read it!. Down the left hand side are the program function and object code used to post copy usage charges. You can view the charge through your budget review. Across the top are the different copy machines around campus listed by their location. Find your program and follow the line across the spreadsheet to find any entries which will be the number of copies you were charged for each printer that your code was used at. The regular total will be the total number of copies for the period being billed for. The regular charge is the regular total multiplied by $0.015 per copy. The next columns are the color copiers (Business Office/foundation/ITC). The usage is reflected in the corresponding columns and charges of $0.015 per copy for black/white and $0.10 for color copies are calculated for each copier. Finally you will see the total charge column which is the summary of all of the black/white and color copies that your department code was used to make multiplied by the applicable rate. This is the dollar amount you will see when you view your budget review. If you have any questions about these summaries or charges, please give us a call.

Airgas Tank Rental Charges. Airgas bills the College annually for tank rental of gas bottles maintained on campus. Starting with the fiscal year ending 6/30/15, this annual expense will be allocated in July (the first month of the new fiscal year) to all departments who have gas bottles in their programs. The rental fee is $2.50 per month per tank which is $30.00 per tank per year. The welding department recently confirmed the number of tanks in each department.

Access to Tanks. Tank exchange is available in the welding department from 8am-9pm. When you exchange a bottle, please notify the WLT Department Chair. Upon notification of the exchange, the actual cost of the gas will be charged to your budget. You will receive a notification of the charge for approval. There has been no change made to the exchange process.